Welcome to LibreText, a collection of freely available materials that we think are useful for First-Year Composition courses … and probably lots of other courses as well. The site began from a simple question: “How much of what we assign from expensive textbooks is actually available for free (legally) online?” A lot, it turns out. And much more. The goal of LibreText is simply to collect and arrange links to that material to make it easy for teachers, students, and readers to find high-quality material of interest.

The site is new and currently under construction. [Update January 2018: The site is no longer new and not actively being constructed. There will be link rot. Sites have changed their URLs or gone bust, more sites are now paywalled, etc. Without regular upkeep, there’s no way to prevent dead links here. If you would like to work on LibreText, keep it alive, etc., please contact me.] Feel free to look around, but please pardon our mess…

The best places to start at the moment may be the tables of contents and the categories and tags, which you can access via the sidebar (on mobile devices, it’s down below).

If you would like to get involved with helping LibreText develop, please email Matthew Cheney at macheney@plymouth.edu. We would love to have more people help with creating entries, organizing material, keeping material updated, and working on the design of the WordPress site. We’re also happy to hear from folks who have favorite readings for classes that we should add to our contents — we’re always looking for good material that is freely and legally available online. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!